Personal Counsel

Individual guidance for Reducing stress and receiving clarity


Working one-on-one with Sarah allows for individual’s to seek guidance and clarity on life’s hang-ups, be they physical, mental or emotional. Using the art of shamanic journeying and simple conversation, she calls on the sacred therapies of shamanic and yogic guidance to assist you in reaching clarity and healing. In session with Sarah she will use guided shamanic meditation for inquiry into the Great Mystery, Source, Spirit (your choice of term), where we receive messengers and spiritual guides waiting to help us distill to a place of inner clarity. You may also walk away from her session with a ‘prescription’ for simple breath work, gentle movement, focused exercise, focused meditation, mantra work, a simple change in nutrition or diet, or other. The remedy depends on you, your unique needs and guidance received during session.  

Private sessions can be held in your home, Sarah’s or via Skype.

Exchange per session is on a slide scale of $65-$115 and based on your personal budget.

To inquire please use our contact form or direct email:

More about Sarah’s Qualifications for Personal Guidance

Sarah has a lifetime of personal experience healing grief, anxiety and chronic physical ailments within her own being. She is a long time student of the sacred arts. She started training in dance as a child as a source for personal healing and has a lifetime of movement training in dance, yoga and fitness.

Her yoga teacher certification is in the Hatha yoga tradition, which taught her how to align not just her physical body for ease and health, but also to align her mental and emotional bodies to alleviate stress and facilitate complete well-being. Unknown to many in the mainstream yoga world in the West, the Hatha tradition facilitates spiritual growth and clarity through a philosophical system that incorporates meditation and other tools to inquire into the nature of the self. This is the part of the tradition that fascinates Sarah the most and shown her freedom and joy in life.

Sarah is also now a life-long committed student of the shamanic medicine path. She stepped into this path in desperation after Western medicine had reached its limit in assisting her with chronic physical pain. Not long after finding healing through the shamanic arts, she became an inadvertent student of this path when Spirit began appearing to her in forms of guides and angels. Unsure at first if she might just be going crazy, Sarah began studying with the shamans to understand what was happening. Over time it became clear that Spirit was working with her to be what the shaman’s call ‘the hollow bone’ – the healer. For Sarah, studying with the medicine people who carry on the ancient indigenous teachings is her experience of what the yogis call the 8th limb of the Hatha path, the goal of yoga, which is to connect with the divine. Sarah has now been a student of Robbie Warren Hill, Otter Woman Standing for two years, studying the many tools, including shamanic meditation, that medicine people have leveraged for eons to assist in healing. As a student to Robbie, Sarah has sat in many forms of ceremony and personal inquiry. Her relationship with Robbie as a student is a life long commitment and has led her to experiences with many shamans and medicine people around the world.

Sarah believes we each have the power to walk in this space with Spirit where epiphany and clarity exist, it is a space that lives within us and within the greater consciousness. If you feel called to lean on Sarah’s experience, with humility she is honored to serve you as the hollow bone to assist you in reaching this place of ‘ah-ha’ and healing we all have deep within.